Mornings are hard, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Most people hate mornings, and I can completely understand why.  However, I’m one of those rare creatures — I’m a morning person.  I’m at my most in the morning — but I’ve found it a bit hard to be super productive in the mornings now that I work in an English center in the evenings.  When you work from 1500-2100, it’s hard to feel motivated before noon to get things done.

However, I don’t always have the luxury of sleeping in and relaxing until I head to my school.  I work with clients all around the world helping create content for their websites/blogs or running their social media accounts.  Early mornings are honestly the ideal time for me to get work done.

I’ve been a little *off course* with my morning work recently, but now I’m getting back on track and falling back in love with mornings.  So now I’m following my own advice and embracing the morning person that I am.

So how can you be more productive?

1. Get a routine.

Having a morning schedule where you wake up at crazy different times every morning is only going to make mornings where you need to be productive more difficult.  Sleeping in late a few days of the week only makes it harder to wake up when you need to get up early.  I have to be up at 7AM two days of the week — so even on days when I ‘sleep in’ I make sure I’m up by 8AM!

2. Treat mornings in like you’d treat mornings out.

Working from home is awesome – you don’t even have to put on pants! However, for me, if I wake up and try to work in my PJ’s, I’m going to spend most of my time aimlessly scrolling through Facebook.  If you’re going to work from home – take care of yourself like you would if you had to go into work.  Take a shower, do your hair and makeup, wear ‘work’ clothes — help get your mind in the mood to work!

3. Do some form of physical activity.

You do not have to wake up at an unreasonable hour to go to the gym every morning — but waking up early and doing some form of physical activity will help your body actually wake up and be ready for the day.  I prefer to go for a run or do some yoga in my apartment – but you should do what’s best for you!  It can even be as simple as going for a walk in the morning.

4. Have a plan.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Figure out what you need to do before you even go to sleep.  If you need to work from home, write a to-do list of some sort to make sure you stay on task.  I’ve had mornings where I wake up and just think, “Yeah! I’m going to be so productive today!” but I don’t even know what I should be doing.  I like to keep a little journal before bed where I write down at least three things I know I need to do the next morning, so even when I don’t have a lot to do I can at least have some sort of plan for the day.

5. Make sure you get enough sleep!

Speaking of sleep — make sure you’re getting enough of it!  It’s going to be hard to stay productive in the mornings if you’re exhausted because you’re simply not getting enough sleep.

What works for you? What do you do differently that helps you make the most of the morning?

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