Today I hiked up The Great Wall of China to the top of Wohushan (卧虎山) or Crouching Tiger mountain.

It was not an easy climb, but the views made it incredibly worth it.  This section of the wall has not been reconstructed since the Ming Dynasty — so much of it was in ruins. 

The hike was steep and partially on top of the wall, but mostly along the side of the wall as the wall was crumbling. We were able to stop at a couple towers and actually go inside them.

The total hike took 5 hours — and when I came back I was totally exhausted. I did some yoga to stretch out, took a shower, had lunch and then just relaxed the rest of the afternoon.

Shortly before dinner, it was time for one last sunset hike. I hiked to the top of a smaller mountain along the wall to catch one last glimpse of the sun setting over the mountains.

After my quick sunset hike I headed to the dinner at the hostel. The small crowd of three from the previous night turned into a nicely full hostel.  We had a delicious family style dinner and talked about travels.

Tonight is another early night for me as I’m hoping to get one more hike in before I head to the airport and back to Shenzhen tomorrow!

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