A month ago I knew I wanted to take a trip.  I wasn’t set on where I wanted to go until I noticed there was a Spartan Race in Beijing.  I was a big fan of obstacle course races back in the US — so I was excited to get the opportunity to run one here in China! After a hectic 25 hours of traveling – I made it to Beijing. Sleeping in my hostel wasn’t a dream, but at six am I decided to get some exploring in before heading to the race. 

I rucked around the touristy areas (and of course took some selfies!) I saw Tiananmen square and just enjoyed them sights this beautiful city had to offer.

Then it became time to make the journey to the race! I had to take the metro to the end of the line and hop on a bus to the venue.

This was by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever raced.  The scenery was stunning, the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful 75 degrees all day.

This venue also had more mud in the festival area than there was in all of the Spartans I’ve run in the past.  I was excited — I love the muddy courses.

So I got checked in and managed to jump in an earlier start time. The mud was no joke.  You know that mud people always seem to lose their shoes in or may get really stuck in? 80% of the course was that kind of mud. It made running very difficult, but that was completely OK for me. 

I didn’t want to run any of it. I didn’t want to miss a second of the course, the scenery was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures on the course — but the mountainous landscape was beautiful.

Spartan did a great job with their obstacles — and I felt very unprepared. I failed a total of four obstacles: the spear throw, monkey bars, rope climb, and one of their walls that requires incredible grip strength.  That’s 120 burpees. I also realized I really suck at burpees.

However this race really made me love SpartanRace again.  I wasn’t too happy with my last Spartan experiences — but just being out there on the course changed things. Besides the awesome obstacles, the atmosphere was great. Strangers never hesitate to help others or encourage others. Everyone was just there to have fun. It was an incredibly fun event.

Upon finishing the event I heard someone tell “Good Job Lauren!” From the sidelines — so I’m not sure if someone who knew me was there, but it left me incredibly confused.

When I finished my first lap I was dirty as heck, so I decided to really make the most of the day and run it again.

13km later and I was exhausted. I waited half an hour to wash the caked on mud off and the. Headed on my way back to my hostel. It was a wonderful break from the crazy atmosphere of the city.

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