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This morning I went to a Yoga class in a small studio located in the apartment building directly behind where I live.  I had been communicating with the instructor via WeChat for the past few days, and she gave me a free lesson to come check out her classes.
The instructor, Stella, spoke almost no English.  She told me that before class she had looked up the words for inhale, exhale, and down dog.  It was definitely a little awkward when I first met her — my Chinese is no better than her English.  Communication was incredibly difficult.

Turns out it was just me showing up for the class this morning — so the class turned into a private lesson.  I quickly realized how much of my flexibility I had lost when I struggled with many of the more simple poses.  Stella was very patient with me, and thankfully did a lot of hands-on adjustments.

Even though it was a much more mentally challenging yoga practice today, I’m so happy I went.  I forgot how much of a mood-booster yoga is for me and it’s amazing how refreshed I feel after a good yoga class.


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