Yep — I’m jumping on that single girl’s bandwagon!  The only love I need today is from myself.  If you’re struggling, here are some of my favorite ways to show myself some love!

  • Write! I’m fortunate to actually get paid to write about some of my favorite things!  However, even when I’m not on the clock I love to spend some time writing about something new or something I’m interested in — whether it’s on my blog or in my personal journal.


  • Smile at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself something really positive!  I don’t mean saying something like “you’re pretty.”  Say something heartfelt and something that you actually mean to just remind yourself of how amazing you are.


  • Eat the food! Eat something you love.  Whether that’s cake or kale — treat yourself to something that will make you smile.


  • Take a bath and take along your favorite book. There’s nothing that makes me feel more relaxed and at peace than a nice warm bath and a good book. Maybe even treat yourself to a glass of your favorite champagne if you’re feeling fancy?


  • Buy yourself flowers. I have never received flowers as a gift from a man.  I have bought myself flowers simply because I thought they were pretty or they smelled nice.  Buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers and display them in your home.


  • Do something you love.  This one’s simple, right? Do something that makes YOU happy.  Treat yourself to the things you enjoy.


  • Smile.  There are studies out there that show making yourself smile might actually make you happier.  However, it’s not really proven – but what do you have to lose?


Happy Valentines day.

Show yourself the love you deserve!

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