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I recently took the first trip I haven’t done alone in years. While I had a good time, I realized that I’m much more comfortable traveling on my own.
Most of the time when I tell people that I prefer to travel on my own they seem confused. I get all of the common questions – don’t you get lonely? Is that really safe? Isn’t that boring? And any other critical question you can think of.

While, yes, it can be difficult to adjust to traveling on your own at first – I think you’ll find that it’s the best way to travel. So if you can get over the difficulty of not being able to rely on someone – here are some of the awesome things you’ll experience traveling solo.

  1. You do what you want. Your plans are your plans and they can change in an instant. Heck, you don’t even have to make plans if you don’t want to. I usually don’t make plans until I arrive in a new city.
  2. You save money. Unless you’re traveling with your family and getting them to pay for everything – your flexibility will save you money. You can stay in cheaper places (like hostels) and you’ll likely save on things like drinks and appetizers.
  3. It’s less intimidating to talk to locals. OK, while you may still be hesitant to talk to the locals — if you’re traveling alone the locals are less likely to avoid you.  If you want people to talk to, you have to converse with strangers 
  4. You get a different view of your destination. Traveling alone allows you to do the things that you want to do.  You might also find that without the distractions of friends or family you can really embrace so much more of the place you’re visiting. It’s easier to pay attention to the things going on around you when that’s all that you’re focused on.
  5. It’s safer than you think.   Okay, I can’t say that this is true across the board – but I have done a lot of solo traveling in Central America, and large cities in the US such as Chicago and I’ve never come across any safety issues. One of the perks of traveling alone is there’s just one of you. When you’re traveling with a group of three people, you look like tourists often times. When traveling by yourself you can make yourself fit in.

There are so many reasons to travel on your own – and I really urge you to try it at least once before you simply decide it’s not for you.

Do you travel solo? If not, what’s stopping you?

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